99% of Victims Were Clueless!

There’s words for some of the things I’ve experienced in life,  Unknowledgeable it’s a “Thing”. Very Important THING. Parental Alienation, PD’s, Gaslighting, Love Bombing, Hoovering, Reactive Abuse 😮, Financial Abuse, The Silent Treatment is Abuse! Trauma Bonds, Stockholm Syndrome, Isolation, Identity Insults, Codependency…..

These are just a few things that I had never heard of until I was 40 years old. They were just arrogant assholes back in my day.

If you don’t recognize a situation as Abuse, you can’t control it. If you don’t learn what things are considered Abuse, you will never acknowledge you are being Abused. 

Education is key to understanding.

Throughout my life, I judged. Abusers were just Assholes and the woman who stayed with them was “stupid”. 

THEN, I experienced it. THEN, I walked in their shoes. THEN, I felt what they felt. THEN, and only then, I fully understood!

I not only understood the reason some people are abusive, but also WHY she stayed! 

I don’t care if you are 14 or 51, if you do not recognize what is Abuse, you can’t prevent it. If you don’t realize you are being Abused, you will accept it as normal. 

Believe it or not, there are great manipulators in this world that will Abuse you for years and you won’t even realize it’s happening!! If you are fortunate enough to get through life without meeting one of these master manipulators, you will never understand.

All I ask is that you please educate your children and yourself. I know most of you watch the news, scroll through Facebook and there it is everyday. Missing persons, Domestic Partner Murders, Amber Alerts, Child Abuse, Children murdered by the parent(s), Sex Trafficking, Child Pornography and more! Do you realize how many Victims lives could have been saved if they would have simply had knowledge of Abuse and Prevention?

It’s normal to feel a need to shelter your children from all the evil in the world. However, the result is deadly!

Recognition saves lives!!

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