2019: Chaotic World of Illusions

Step on in, to the chaotic world of illusions. Where nothing is right, yet nothing is ever wrong. A world where morals have been transformed into DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Respect no longer exists. And, EVERYONE needs a Life Coach.

The devil is writing his “Bible”. He desires the people of this era. The race is on as Satan prepares to take God’s children home. After he cast the holy word of god out, he began his journey by luring in his crew with drugs, sex, and hate. He’s getting close, but not quite finished. He has a more complex plan in mind to complete his mission. I call this “The Family Edition”.

Close Nit Family’s are a thing of the past. No one relies on the family for support anymore. Instead, we seek out strangers to fulfill our deranged fantasies. Why not, when you can join one of today’s free online dating sites and seek for someone just like you. We no longer meet in the middle with our domestic partners. Instead, we search the world for a “soulmate”. Someone who is willing to fulfill every sick and twisted fantasy we have. Society will now normalize every decision you make. Thus, never allowing you to be accountable for any actions. Make your own rules as you go.

Balancing work and home life became impossible when the economy forced women out into the workforce because one income just won’t do it anymore. Children in the home have no guidance, responsibility or discipline. I’ve never seen a more distraught generation of young adults in all my life. They can’t function without drugs and/or therapy.

Absent parents force children out into a world of drugs, sex, violence, and destruction by emotional neglect. You think I’m lying. Watch the news! Then step into the home and see what the real problem is. Parents are so emotionally, mentally and physically drained from the stress of holding down a full-time job and home life, they no longer make time to be a parent. Social Media is an EMOTIONAL MINEFIELD for anyone.

How can we prepare and protect our children and young adults through this emotional minefield?

  • Teach them the difference between a friend and someone who follows them on social media
  • Explain to them how both intentional and unintentional harmful posts on social media can cause a negative affect on someone’s life
  • Convince them that everything they see online is not REAL
  • Make sure they understand that it is ones’ human right to ones’ own beliefs
  • Warn them about stranger danger and how much easier it is for online predators
  • Tell them what’s happening in the world. Shielding them is only making them more vulnerable to harmful situations
  • Control how much time they spend on social media
  • Monitor their internet activity

Being a parent is more than full time job. It’s three full-time jobs! First, Second and Third shifts. Parenting in today’s world is much more complex than 20 years ago, before social media. Most children have access to social media and unfortunately is the only social life they encounter. Therefore, they will learn everything about life online. Once persuaded, our children’s emotions become powerful persuaders, and so we as parents must persuade them first. There are horrible things out there. While I believe children and young adults should be aware of the danger, I also believe that putting a device in your child’s hand as a babysitter, will indirectly lead them to a world of hate, sex crimes, drug rings, pornography-serial killers, pedophiles, sex trafficker’s, drug lords, etc. If you think your child can’t easily be manipulated into these things, you are absolutely wrong. As parents, we can sometimes be slow to recognize just how vulnerable and easily manipulated our teenagers’ emotions are. Puberty ushers them into a stage of life full of strange and strong emotions they never felt before. So many children, teens, and adults are missing today from sex trafficking and online pedophile perpetrators. While these things have always existed, online interaction makes it much easier for a predator to seek victims. With a simple click of a button, anyone can create a fake profile on a social media and/or dating site and portray themselves as someone/something they are not. It’s simple for anyone to promise anyone big things to manipulate them. The intimidation on your child to feel the need to fit in, follow the crowd, is unbelievable. As parents, we can sometimes be difficult to recognize how vulnerable and easily manipulated our teenagers’ emotions are. Puberty naturally guides them into a stage of life full of strange and strong emotions they never felt before. The same urge that kept you and me up late at night talking on the phone is now pushing kids to connect on social media.

Parental alienationthe process of psychological manipulation of a child into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect or hostility towards a parent and/or other family members. Satan’s most successful weapon of all time. Using this, he can take Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, and Grandchildren down without a fight! HE finally figured out a way to take over the world through human interaction. Although child welfare advocates minimize its extent, this is the most largely overlooked form of child abuse. The severe effects of parental alienation on children are proven to be that of…low self-esteem, self-hatred, lack of trust, depression, and substance abuse, as children lose the capacity to give and accept love from a parent. Children are lead to believe the parent did not love or want them from a selfish parent who desires to be loved more by the child. This creates severe guilt in the child that they somehow betrayed the other parent. Their depression is rooted in feelings of being unloved by one of their parents. Alienated children are at high risk of becoming alienated from their own children. Thus, the cycle continues. Hate is not an emotion that comes naturally to children-It has to be taught. Every child has a fundamental right and need for a non-threatening and loving relationship with both parents. To be denied that right by one parent, without sufficient justification such as abuse or neglect, is itself a form of child abuse.

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