Why The Narcissist Needs You

Have you ever wondered why he wants you if he wants other women also? Me too. It took me three years to figure it out. He wants you because you are the type to care and nurture him. You are loyal, honest, forgiving, and understanding. He doesn’t have to worry about you not being there when he decides to come home. You probably cook for him, do his laundry, and keep his home and kids clean. The other women are simply “whores” to him. He feels so down on himself because he knows that he is a Piece of Shit. So he needs acceptance from other women to raise his self-esteem. They are not the type of women he needs at home. They won’t wait for him to grow up. They won’t cater to him. They certainly won’t take any of his Bullshit. He knows that.

Abusers choose wisely. They seek victims who are vulnerable, easily manipulated, and those who show empathy toward others. They can’t trust a woman who feels any entitlement like they do. They won’t tolerate a woman at home that doesn’t easily give in to what they want.

My Abuser made these statements before I realized what was really happening…

  • You can’t make a housewife out of a Whore.
  • I don’t like Whores.
  • I treat women accordingly, If they are a Whore, I treat them like a Whore. If they are a good woman, I treat them like a good woman.

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