Moment of Truth

I thought if everyone knew he was abusive, they wouldn’t believe his lies anymore when he secretly told them that I am to blame for every fault in this relationship. That wasn’t the case.

He pulled my hair and smacked me in the face, in the store parking lot, while his buddy’s watched. They never said a word. He told them, “I am going to take this whore home and kill it.” None of them called the police for me. None of them were concerned about my safety. It was at that very moment I realized I am fighting a losing battle.

I moved to this city three years ago. I’ve often wondered why his choice of friends are: abusers, alcoholics, drug addicts, thieves, and liars. At first, I thought everyone here was like him. I finally realize there are good people here also. I just haven’t been properly introduced. I’ve only met his choice of people.

He doesn’t see a heart and soul when he looks at a human being. He only sees a body. I assume now, that’s how murderers are capable of murder. They must see people as objects, not human beings with a mind, heart, and soul. Hold that thought while I do some research.

After I wrote this last paragraph, I searched google for an explanation of why some people don’t see people as humans but an object. I found a Blog Site written by a diagnosed Psychopath. I have added the link to Blog down below in case any of you want to read more than I’ve shared.

People ask me: “How do you know you are a psychopath?”

I was officially given the psychopathy diagnosis when I went to prison for murder the first time at the age of 18.

Treating People as Objects – What’s the Difference?

The difference between objects and people is superficial. People – and that includes me – are basically objects. No matter how much we like to tell ourselves otherwise, objects is basically all that we are.

This is not an uncommon notion among psychopaths, and it is a very central theme in the discussion about the “Psychopath Problem”.

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