I Don’t Remember Me

He searched for the perfect victim. A Predator on the prowl for his next meal. He found me. He very slowly and unnoticeably transformed me into who he wanted me to be. Someone just like him. “I want you to like everything I like, nothing more, nothing less. I’ve always wanted a woman to do what I want her to do and be just like me. You must never show emotion or express an opinion. You are mine now. You belong to me. The only way you will ever escape is if someone buys you.” How did he subconsciously rape me of life? How could I not notice? My mind and soul belong to him now. I’m his. His property. His right to steal, kill and destroy. I belong to him. He stripped me down to the flesh. I can’t remember ME. The only emotions I secretly feel now are fear and anxiety. I’m unhuman. You must have Human Rights to be Human. The only right I have now is the right to remain silent. Anything I say will be used against me. The only one thing I still remember about me is that I am easily Intimidated.

Fallen Angel

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