Never a Peaceful Moment

Saying there’s never a peaceful moment with a Narcissist is an understatement! They have to be in Control of every single second of every single day. Go to the Casino, you’re told which machine to play, how much to bet and what numbers to play. Go fishing, you’re moving spots every five minutes, casting where they say to cast and using the bait they request. Go grocery shopping, you are told what to buy and what not to buy with your own money. Drive, you’re yelled at, called names and told you can’t drive. Cook, you’re told what temperature to put the oven on, which cookware to use and how long to cook it. Pump gas, you’re told how to hold the handle and what speed to pump it. The list is never ending… They are never satisfied, no matter what you do. Nothing will ever be good enough. Eventually, you’re exhausted, you can’t function anymore.

I’ve forgotten what life was like before Narcissistic Abuse. I don’t know if I will ever feel human again.

Fallen Angel

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