2019: Chaotic World of Illusions

Step on in, to the chaotic world of illusions. Where nothing is right, yet nothing is ever wrong. A world where morals have been transformed into DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Respect no longer exists. And, EVERYONE needs a Life Coach. The devil is writing his "Bible". He desires the people of this era. The [...]

How do you know when you’re dealing with a Narcissist?

A Narcissist is someone who feels self-entitlement to everyone and everything. No one else's feelings matter and they must always have the full attention. Do you know someone who... Loves to talk about themselvesConstantly interrupts conversationsShows very little interest in your feelingsEnjoys getting away with rules or breaking the lawKeeps their belongings in tip-top shape [...]

Survival Instincts: Fight, Flight or Freeze

When stressful moments occur in one's life, the three responses are fight-flight-freeze. Everyone reacts differently to trauma. The brain sends out signals to the victim to fight back, flee the scene or freeze up with no response. The limbic system is a built-in alarm system in the brain that signals when possible danger occurs. There [...]

Abusers-Red Flags

Keep their victims in the dark about events that are taking place.Almost always in control of finances. Talk bad about the victim to others to cause them to become isolated. Make plans that include the victim without consulting them. Goal is to monopolize the victim's time, physical environment, and suppress their behavior. Tell you what [...]

We Win!

I feel like this a problem with most of us... We don't want him/her to be with someone else. We don't want someone to get the attention we deserve and desire. We fear he/she will get "the good life" we desire to have with the one we love. BUT... The reality is...once we leave...we win! [...]

Moment of Truth

I thought if everyone knew he was abusive, they wouldn't believe his lies anymore when he secretly told them that I am to blame for every fault in this relationship. That wasn't the case. He pulled my hair and smacked me in the face, in the store parking lot, while his buddy's watched. They never [...]

Never Ending Cycle

Well, we are on to the discard phase again. Yes, I said AGAIN. This isn't the first time I've been discarded for a few days, only to be hoovered and soon manipulated back in again. My mistake. He started this one a few days ago when he reunited with an old friend whom has a [...]