Educate To Proliferate

There are two types of Men in this world. Men who respect and appreciate women and Men who disrespect and hate women. Maybe they were raised that way? Maybe they choose to be that way? Nonetheless, this issue has a huge impact on society’s Mental and Physical Health.

I believe men who disrespect and hate women are Sociopaths. They will never change. A therapist once told me, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them. You can leave for ten years, no contact, come back and he/she will still be the same person.” Now, I am a little skeptical of this statement because I am a believer. I believe God can change people. However, I also realize that he cast Satan into Hell because he refused to accept God. Some people will never accept God. I also believe in Satan. Sociopath’s worship Satan. Although, they will occasionally use God to manipulate people. This is part of the “Mask”

Victims are blinded by Sociopath’s true self until the “Mask” falls off, same as society. Once the “Mask” falls off, we can see the real person. Unfortunately, for many victims, by this time it is too late because you have already invested a lot of emotional feelings and/or financial means in the relationship. Remember, these relationships are 100/0 as opposed to a 50/50 healthy relationship. You’ve already given your heart and soul to the Abuser.

You begin to question every thing about yourself. “Am I really a bad person?” “Maybe it is my fault.” “Maybe I belong here because I am not worthy of a better life?” “Maybe God allowed me this life experience to teach me a valuable lesson or to help others in the future.” Thoughts race and are never ending. You try so hard to figure this out. Maybe someday you and I will know.

I referenced two types of men. Now, I want to reference two types of women. There are women who were raised in an environment free from abuse who were taught morals and respect. Also, there are women who were raised in abusive environments who think it is ok to accept this lifestyle. I was blessed to have been raised in a home free from abuse and was taught morals and respect. Therefore, I can easily separate the idea of what a healthy relationship should be. I still fell victim because I was uneducated about Personality Disorders and had never experienced “Evil”.

I was seduced by Satan and until I educated myself on different types of Abuse, I had no idea what was happening. I didn’t know these types of people existed. I can’t imagine how difficult it may be for women who were raised in abusive environments to realize what’s happening to them. I hope my website reaches every one of them. I hope they Educate and Proliferate!

Education is the First Step to Preventing Abuse!

Fallen Angel

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