20 Things Abusers Say

  • You’re a dumb bitch. 
  • You’d be more attractive if… 
  • It didn’t hurt that much. 
  • I’ll kill myself if you leave. 
  • I love you and it will never happen again. 
  • It’s not Rape, you’re my wife. 
  • I don’t remember doing that. 
  • You’re stupid. 
  • You’re too sensitive. 
  • You deserve it. 
  • No one will ever want you. 
  • I’m sorry. 
  • You’re cheating on me. 
  • If you leave me, I’ll kill your family. 
  • You’re a whore. 
  • No one is going to believe you. 
  • You’re crazy. 
  • I’m going to kill you. 
  • Why do you make me hurt you? 
  • You are ugly, fat, etc… 

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