Domestic Violence Is The Most Common Killer Of Women Around The World

11/26/2018 11:39 am ET Updated Nov 27, 2018 Last year, 87,000 women were murdered around the world, and more than half (50,000 or 58 percent) were killed by partners or family members. Over a third (30,000) of those intentionally killed last year were murdered by a current or former intimate partner. This means that, globally, [...]

Why You Should Document Abuse

Keeping a diary of domestic violence incidents—both physical and non-physical—may seem like the last type of record a survivor would like to collect. The truth is, this type of documentation can be an integral part of your case when it comes time to file charges, file for divorce or file for custody of your children. [...]

20 Things Abusers Say

You’re a dumb bitch. You’d be more attractive if... It didn’t hurt that much. I’ll kill myself if you leave. I love you and it will never happen again. It’s not Rape, you’re my wife. I don’t remember doing that. You’re stupid. You’re too sensitive. You deserve it. No one will ever want you. I’m sorry. You’re cheating on me. If you leave me, I’ll kill your family. You’re [...]


If a comment or action makes you feel bad, it’s your right to express your discomfort directly and to expect a genuine apology. Respectful partners should build each other up, not purposefully put each other down. What Belittling Sounds Like Yelling or screaming at you to get a reaction. Insulting you—calling you fat, ugly or [...]