Save A Life: Make the Call

People are flying monkeys without even realizing it. Don’t be a flying a monkey. Flying monkeys are enablers to abusers. When you agree with what they say to their face, you are an enabler. If you are agreeing because you are avoiding conflict, you are an enabler. If you are agreeing because you agree with their actions, you are an abuser.  

The leading cause of death by Domestic Violence is enablers. The blame lies more in the enabler than the person committing the crime. Abusers have mental issues that they should seek help for. Enablers do not. Stop being an enabler! Every time a person dies from a domestic, the enablers are to blame. If you are an enabler, you are giving false incite to the abuser that they have someone in their defense no matter what they do, therefore they go forth with abuse.  

Enabling starts with family members. Just because you want to avoid conflict with the abuser, they continue to abuse because they know you will always be there for them, therefore, they never face any consequence for any actions. This usually starts at a very young age. The second set of enablers are usually friends. What do you have to gain? What do you have to lose? Nothing. Nothing. Because one day, the abuse will come at you, I don’t care how good you thought you were being to them or how much you think they “love” you, you will be a victim. The third group of enablers is the community. Everyone wants to avoid conflict with the neighbor so they turn their head. I’ve seen people turn their head to abuse more times than I can count. 

It’s time for you to ask yourself today, do you want to be responsible for someone’s death? Because every time you turn your head, the blood is on your hands. If you want to avoid conflict, walk away and call 911 but don’t just turn your head. Don’t be a flying monkey! 

Domestic Violence is not only physical. It is name-calling, yelling, controlling, threats, isolation and/or manipulation. If you are in town, in a parking lot, in a store, at a social gathering, in a bar, where ever you may be, PLEASE do not turn your head. Speak up for the victim, if not on the scene, in private by walking away and calling the police immediately.  Your voice will make a difference for the whole world. Your call will be documented no matter the outcome of the situation. Therefore, the blood is not on your hands anymore. You done your part and you would be surprised how many lives you will save without even realizing it. 

Domestic Violence Homicide Help (HOPE) reports 1,509 women were murdered by men they knew in 2011. Of the 1,509 women, 926 were killed by an intimate partner and 264 of those were killed by an intimate partner during an argument and 18,000 women have been killed by men in domestic violence disputes since 2003. 

Domestic Violence Homicide Help, “Statistics” 

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) reports “Nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this adds up to more than 10 million women and men.”: 

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “Statistics” 

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